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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Project Linus

For me, participation in Project Linus started last spring when my sister asked me to sew a baby quilt for a new grandchild that was on the way. She had picked fabric in bright, bold primary colors with sports themes. My brother-in-law also picked out some patriotic themed prints which he also wanted included in the quilt in honor of a nephew who was currently serving in Iraq (now safely home!). The only thing to do was cut all that fabric up, add some more pieces and make a scrap quilt. The quilt was a smashing success.

Well, as any quilter knows, scraps reproduce themselves at night. I had lots of child friendly prints and thought maybe with a few more prints added I would have enough fabric for another quilt to contribute to Project Linus. Things got away from me and soon I was cutting up lots and lots of fabric and over time, I had enough pieces cut up for at least 4 crib sized quilts to donate to Project Linus. I managed to get two of them made up and quilted in time to turn them in today on National Make a Blanket Day. My favorite sewing machine store was a collection spot for them.

Project Linus is a national effort to provide blankets to children in need whether from financial need, health issues, tragedy, etc. More information is available here, if you would like to be included in this effort.

After turning in my two finished quilts, I decided to clear some clutter in my sewing room. The first thing I hit upon was a box of leftover fabric from a yard sale. I started rooting through the box and before I knew it, I was cutting up and trimming scraps into 4 1/2" squares, 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangles, and 2 1/2" squares. All sizes of patches that work well in a variety of quilts. By the time my shoulders just couldn't cut anymore, I had enough patches cut out for another Project Linus quilt. Now when I'm not feeling as well I can sit at the sewing machine an piece the quilts together.

While going through this box of fabric I ran into a lot of strips that were 2 1/2" wide but were hand cut instead of with a rotary cutter. Unfortunately that meant that they weren't to even and varied over 1/4" in width. Besides being in my two least favorite colors for quilting with: brown and orange. I hate throwing out perfectly good fabric strips and so convincing myself that someday I'll sew them into something, I ironed the wrinkles out and set them aside. Most likely what will happen to these poor strips is someone will find them after I die and if they too are a sewer they will set them aside and so the cycle continues.

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