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Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16

Well I got my summer blouse finished last night. First time in years I have set in sleeves and I actually did an okay job of it. Next time I use the pattern, I have adjustments to make, but for now I have a nice, cool top to wear for this summer. My husband likes the top also which is always an added bonus. I'm home most of the time and he sees me more than anyone, so I dress to please him and me!

Just an FYI for those with Janome embroidery machines. Currently at their website, you can download a free summer Christmas elf. He is surfing on a Janome surfboard. Check it out: Janome elf!

Just a reminder also that my ebay store has lots of new sewing patterns for sale. Right now we also have some great auctions running on cross stitch and needlework kits. Those auctions end on June 18. For the knitters out there, we also have an Alice Starmore knitting book Sweaters for Men up for auction. That auction ends June 20. Alice Starmore books are difficult to come by, so we are very happy to offer this one for sale.

I got my consultant package in the mail for Usborne books and I am very impressed with the quality and content of the books. They are crammed with pictures, good writing, and always something for the child to relate to and learn from the book in the book. If you are looking for quality books for your children, grandchildren, or any child you know, please stop in and visit the site. You can even earn free books by hosting an online book show. Just email me from the website and I'll tell you how!


OldRoses said...

Your comment on setting in sleeves reminded me of how little I sew nowadays. When I was in high school, I made all of my own clothes including my coats. When my daughter was born, I made lots of her clothes and toys. Once she got into school, she wanted to dress like the other kids so I was reduced to sewing once a year for Halloween. She always had the best costumes! They were so popular, that her friends would borrow them in subsequent years. Guess I'll have to wait for grandchildren so I can sew again.

Gail said...

Thanks for stopping in! I too, am patiently waiting for grandchildren to sew for. At least I like sewing quilts and things.