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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Finished piecing

Just finished piecing the second patchwork baby quilt. Now I have to find the time to put the borders on and quilt them to their backings. My new Janome 6500 just whizzed through the piecing. I was wondering if I would really be able to notice the speed difference in my new machine (it can sew up to 1000 stitches per minute). Sure enough I could. Wow! It is the one place I can really have a 'lead' foot.

I received some more quilting and machine embroidery books in the mail this week. I have gotten way behind with my reviews, but hope to have a new batch up soon. I am very impressed with what people can come up with to be creative when making quilts. Quilting just isn't about sewing two pieces of fabric together anymore. As our technology changes, our ability to manipulate fabric and threads grows also. My fingers are itching to try some new techniques, but I needed to stick with easy piecing for the current projects I'm working on. I would hope to have at least three baby quilts in the hands of children affected by Hurricane Katrina before winter hits.

Please remember to help out with Project Hurricane Katrina: Books for Kids if you can!

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