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Friday, April 13, 2007

Aquamarine Ambience with Jenny Haskins

On my way to a doctor's appointment today, I picked up Creative Expressions #14. As I was looking through it this evening I was inspired to visit her website. I found the following message, that anyone who has purchased the book Aquamarine Ambience with Jenny Haskins by Simon Haskins would need to know:

"Stop Press: We apologise, it has come to our attention that design aa14, from Aquamarine Ambience is missing from the CD in the following formats; JEF, HUS, VIP and XXX.
Please download this file for the missing design" Click Here to go directly to the site.

I'm still separated from my sewing machine, but there is a project in this latest Creative Expressions that will make a wonderful project for getting reacquainted with my machine called: Jenny's Essence, Jenny Haskins Cheating Crazy Patchwork. It is an 18" little crazy stitch quilt using mostly decorative stitches and Jenny's Brand of stitch building. It would make a great practice piece for anyone who wants to get to know the decorative stitches on their sewing machines. Each stitch is diagrammed so that you can find it or a similar stitch on your sewing machine. Although it does use one machine embroidered design, it could be skipped quit easily with an applique in it's place.


quilteddogs said...

I just bought this book and I have become a little worried that the Janome will not be able to sew this due to the hoop size. But I found your blog and see you have a Janome 300. Did you split the designs in order to fit them in the B hoop or was this not necessary?

Gail said...

Hello quilteddogs. I haven't gotten this book or tried the designs. I was actually posting a message that I saw on Jenny Haskins' website about the book that I felt would be of interest to Janome owners.

My local Janome dealer did have a class on the book, and she or one of the other teachers might be able to answer your question. Check out to see the blurb about the class they offered and to contact them.

Anonymous said...

bought the book,but my cd wont work,looks scratched and the store i bought it from wont replace it?now what do i do???

Gail said...

Sorry to hear that. If you bought the book as a new book at a regular bookstore, I don't see why they would refuse to at least refund you for the book and CD. However, I would suggest you contact the publisher, the information for them should be in the front of the book, and ask them if there is a way to replace the CD. If that fails, contact Jenny Haskins at her website. I don't know it off hand, but you could Goggle her name and find it easily. See if she can help you out.

Of course, if you bought the book used with a used CD (it should have been sealed in the book) you may be out of luck. I have heard that there are some ways of repairing CDs and DVDs that are scratched and if you could find someone that did that, they may be able to repair it. We have to try that with some DVDs I got for Christmas. A new set came all scratched up--not any fun for something you had been happily anticipating.

Hope one of these ideas works for you.