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Friday, March 11, 2011

Made another dress

Last night instead of making my brain go to mush watching TV, I whipped up another Little Dress for Africa . These dresses are so much fun to make and also make good use of remnants and yard/thrift store finds of trims, lace, bias binding, etc. When I see that stuff for sale at yard and thrift stores, I can't resist it when the price is so cheap, especially knowing how much it will be to buy at the fabric store. Anyhow, I'm having fun making these dresses and have a lot more planned. It is a nice break fromr the quilting I've been doing since I'm actually in the cutting out stage which is quite boring after awhile. The quilt I'm making requires something in the neighborhood of 3000 2 1/2" squares. So I've been cutting enough squares out for four blocks, make them and then cutting enough for four more blocks, etc. But I'm making what my DIL-to-be has asked for and she is so special, it is a joy to make something for her.

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