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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reversible Apron

I've gotten a bit behind in posting about my sewing projects as life just seems to zoom by the older I get! My daughter in law had a birthday last month and I made her another apron as she likes them and had asked me to make them for her. This time I tried something new. I made a reversible butcher apron so she could use whichever side fabric that she wanted or would go with her clothes.
I used McCalls Pattern 5174 (also sold as 0682) as the basis for her apron.
While this particular pattern is now out of print we have bunches of other apron patterns for sales at our store Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts. Just click this link to see them.

I used the butcher or carpenter's apron. Shown in light and dark blue. I tried to pick two different fabrics that would coordinate and also be in the color range that Savannah wears. I cut out two for each pattern piece except for the tie as it needed two of each fabric. The neck strap normally calls for making a tube of fabric and turning it inside out and then edgestitching. Instead I sewed the two different fabrics right side together and turned them inside out and edgestitched. For edgestitching, I use my stitch in the ditch presser foot as I have found it to be the best presser foot for this task.

Instead of the straight ties that were recommended for the carpenter apron, I used the fuller ties that ended with a 45 degree point. Next time I would make them longer though as they were meant for the aprons that reach around the body more than the carpenter apron. One thing I was very careful of, especially when making the points is that I got the left and right side ties made correctly. With the ties made I made pockets and embellished them and attached them to the front of their respective side of the apron. Pockets can be placed at whatever location would be convenient and do not have to be placed exactly where it shows on the pattern tissues.

Once I was done with the ties and pockets, I positioned side on of the apron right side up on my work table, then placed the ties in position and then laid down side two with the right side down. Pinned it all together and took it to the machine to sew up and around and then back down the sides. DO NOT sew down the hem at this point. I then turned the apron inside out, pressed it all carefully and then edgestitched all around the sewn sides of the apron. I turned the bottom of the apron up inside the two layers and then sewed the hem down through both sides. I would think that you could also allow the hem to be hemmed up on each individual side and let it hang loosely or be embellished with trim or a ruffle. I loved the way the apron came out! Modeled by Annabelle the dummy. Note that I got brave and made a rounded pocket on the one apron side.

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