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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Addition to My Sewing Room

Since our last desktop computer bit the bullet, I haven't done any machine embroidery. For some reason, my Customizer program never got installed on the newest computer even though it was on my laptop. But the laptop wasn't connected to a computer and I now needed a doohickey so that I could use the memory card in my 300e. The worst thing about sewing and computer stuff is how easily they go out of date. Anyhow, I realized that part of my problem in getting behind in embroidery projects, other than just poor health and lack of time, is that I have always had my computer and printer right next to my machine so that sewing out a designs after printing a template was super easy. Well a few weeks ago when I got my list from Amazon on items that I could pick to review, there was a printer on the list! I managed to get it (usually things like that disappear before I ever get a chance to see it). So our newest member in our computing family is a Samsung color laser printer! It arrived and with no particular 'need' for a printer Hubby and I discussed where to put it for awhile. Since the toners for this printer are rather expensive and the paper tray doesn't hold much, we knew we couldn't use it for the routine office work for our business. So now my sewing room has a new, very special color printer. The printouts in color are terrific. Laser is so much better than ink jet! I got it set up and my laptop besides it with the Janome 300E off to the side of me and suddenly I felt at home again. I was able to print out in color templates for a Christmas gift I want to make. Now I can do what I need to without having to bother hubby while he is on the computer. I'm still trying to sort out and straighten up the sewing room and then it is back to the quilt I'm making for someone specials Christmas present and have another present embroidering out at the same time. What fun!

If you want to see what I got, click on the Amazon link below. I don't expect you to buy it, but if you need a great color printer, this is a nice one. I'm just happy to have a new 'toy'.

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