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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sewing Savvy

Yesterday, I had a chance to run into town and stop at the library for a bit. As I usually do when there, I check out all the magazines that have been donated and are up for sale. I managed to snag 8 copies of the 2008-2009 issues of Sewing Savvy magazine. I'm sorry to say that this publication has ceased publication at this point. I did a quick flip through and when I have time I will be reading more of the articles in the magazines. They have an impressive amount of projects for embellishing clothing, kids clothes, kitchen and home projects, aprons, and seasonal decorations. Rather than focus on one type of sewing, they would give tips on what to do if you, say for instance, don't have an embroidery machine how to make the featured item anyhow. They also used lots of fancy stitches when appropriate. I especially love books and magazines that can help me imagine the possibilities of all the decorative stitches on my machine. I know I am going to get lots of ideas from these magazines, and the best part? They were only 25 cents apiece which I managed to scrounge the $2 total price out of the coins in the bottom of my purse!

For those that have hobbies and want to thin out their stash of magazines, etc. don't forget your local library or thrift store -- never, ever the garbage. Most are happy to take donations. I know I personally am always ready and willing to take any kind of needlecraft magazines off of any one's hands. Free of course being the best price LOL! I use them as the equivalent of picture books on the days I'm especially not feeling well as it takes my mind off the pain. So many thanks to whoever donated these particular magazines to the McCord Library in North East, PA! I've gotten some great magazines there during this year.

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