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Thursday, November 15, 2012


I had been hearing of Pinterest for awhile and a few weeks ago finally checked it out and joined. I love this site and most seamstresses and quilters would. It is pretty much photo based and when you see some photo of a gorgeous quilt or sewing project, you can 'pin' it to your board and be able to refer back to it later. You can also sort what you save by different boards, like recipes, sewing ideas, Christmas, your own projects, whatever you want and whatever you want to call them to help you remember what is in them. I have a board called Inspiration that has photos of all sorts of things from wedding cakes, architecture, fishes, sky scenes, etc. If something appeals to me whatever the reason such as colors being used together, shapes that might make a great quilt, and so on, I pin it onto my Inspiration board. For those of us without ready access to a camera (or the ability to take decent photos) this is a great substitute and wonderful way to keep track of ideas, kind of like a file folder full of pages torn out of magazines that inspire you.

Anyhow, if you aren't acquainted with the site, I thought I would mention it in case it would appeal you whatever type of sewing or craft work that you do. You have to be invited to join (don't ask me why) and I can send invites to anyone that would like one, and NO I do not get paid for bringing in new people. Some of you have fantastic quilts and sewing projects that the world should see and Pinterest is a great place to share them. I have found spending some time on Pinterest at the end of the day is a very calming thing and seeing all the DIY ideas gives me hope that our next generation really will be sewing and crafting and carrying on our work as sewists.

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