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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Sewing ME Year

Most years lately I have been finding myself working on large sewing projects, that haven't left me much time for doing any sewing for me, practicing new techniques or improving my skills. Before 2013 even got here, I decided that this would be my ME year. I want to work on bettering my skills, learning new things, and making projects that strike my fancy and also clean up the clutter in my sewing room.

To begin this quest, I signed up for several Craftsy classes. I signed up for their 2012 and 2013 Block of the Month classes and also Stupdendous Stitching. I spent some time on a Bernina website and found some interesting projects using a circular stitcher that I had gotten for Christmas. Well I have already finished my BOM blocks for both classes for the month of January and am working on a circular stitcher project. The only thing left is to start in on the Stitching class. I have over 200 decorative stitches on my sewing machine and I want to learn how to use them effectively.

My last several quilts, although I worked hard to make everything come out right, my blocks ended up the wrong size. When I started the 2013 BOM block, I did my usual thing and found the blocks were quickly getting to be the wrong size besides I was working with fabrics I didn't really like. So, I took careful measurements and shifted my needles position and set my needle at a 4.6 width instead of the 3.5 and put the cloth guide that came with my machine in place. I also picked some fabric that I liked better and was very happy to make 4 -  6 1/2" blocks that were the right size. Too bad I hadn't done this years ago, all my quilts would have turned out better. But, this is the reason that I need this year to slow down and take my time getting things right.

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