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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hexies - Betcha can't make just one!

I had always looked at hexagon quilting projects as something that would be horribly difficult to do. Then I took a Craftsy class in 2013 that involved making two blocks using hexagons. I couldn't believe how easy they were. Soon my Pinterest>Quilting>Hexagons was getting fuller and fuller. First with hexagon quilts both antique and vintage, then variations on a theme with some of the hexagons being used were pieced themselves, and then seeing embroidered hexagons, and all sorts of interesting creations. I find them fascinating. I want to make a hexagon something. I want to use my silk ties from the thrift shop in a hexie quilt or wall-hanging.

One of the things that I have always done with my quilting is when I'm done with a project, the leftovers are cut into set sizes so it is easier to make quicky quilts. I sat down to clean up my latest sewing 'mess' and realized that some scraps that aren't big enough for my pre-cuts are still big enough to make a hexagon out of it. So the other night, I cut up a bunch of scraps into hexagons and sat down and started hand sewing them. I couldn't stop. Remember the old Lays potato chip jingle - betcha can't eat just one. Well that is what it feels like when I start sewing hexagons! I had made 20 in three different sizes before I forced myself to quit so I would be able to use my hands the next day (the downside to rheumatoid arthritis).

I especially love the looks of hexagons with embroidery and the ones with a binding around them looks interesting as well. I have found several websites that they tell how they are made, at least I assume so. The sites are all in French and it has been a very long time since High School French class. Anyone out there know some good books that I could use for a reference? I'm also trying to find one or two basic hexagon quilting books, Any one with a good recommendation? I'm thinking of these ones.

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