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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Organizing Machine Embroidery Designs

I have wanted to do a project for several years as I got more and more buried under paperwork. I do machine embroidery and one company, Embroidery Library, is very generous with free designs. I have always printed off the page showing the design so that I wouldn't lose track of the designs I had. Well I ended up with a huge stack of papers, but with no way to punch holes in the papers until a month ago when I got to review this three hole punch by  Swingline It was terrific for putting the holes in the papers.

Granted it is a bit expensive but if you have kids in school that needs paper holes punched in paper or your own crafts that need a 3-hole punch, this is a marvelous machine. I have even punch out a stack of misprinted paper so that I can put it in a notebook and use the unprinted side to write on.

 But then how do I sort them all and keep them divided by category as just the Christmas designs was a stack over an inch thick? Well again I got to review something that worked wonderfully well and it was these transparent tab dividers. 


Instead of writing on actual tabs and then realizing you wrote things wrong and need to start over and then you end up with a mess and not enough tabs. This system works so well because you can print the 'tab' headings on one piece of paper through your printer. You can get the file to use to set up the page at the website listed on the packaging. The packaging also tells you how to set it up yourself, but I was a bit to lazy to try that. So I printed out the tabs I needed. Since I had such a huge stack, I ended up using 2 sets, which equaled 16 tabs. I'm not sure that I have the divisions the way I want them, but it is nice to know that I can just make up new tabs as needed.

At that point, I popped everything into this 3 D-ring  Binder and I was good to go. I opened and closed the binder multiple times while sorting the papers and never had a bit of trouble and the D rings help to keep all the papers sitting in a nice stack when not being used, instead of being bent on the circle rings that most binders have.

All told with the help of three (free for me!) Amazon Vine review products, I was able to tackle a project that had been on the back burner for a long time. I was very happy with all of these products. And very happy that it is easier to now find the perfect design when looking for it.

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