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Thursday, April 07, 2005

View From My Sewing Room Window

On Sunday, we had the misfortune to be recipients of a spring snowstorm that dumped 2 feet of snow in our area. It just wouldn’t stop falling. The next couple days, the sun came out and tried to melt it all away, but 4 days later we still have mounds of dirty snow all over the place.

Yesterday I sat in my sewing room embroidering out some rose designs for my quilt border. As the embroidery machine was doing all the work, I got to look out the window in between thread changes. Kids were walking home from school dressed in T-shirts and shorts; they were having a ball having snowball fights! Everybody who could was out on the sidewalk catching up on sunshine. I heard so many people laughing and playing. It was truly a magical day. It was so nice to see that school children remember how to play in the ‘old-fashioned’ way of snowball fights, tea parties, and games of ‘You’re It’.

Looking out my sewing room window, I felt that certain peace of being taken back to my much more simple childhood.

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