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Monday, March 20, 2006

Where do the days Go?

It seems like there is just never enough time for all the things I want to do. Unfortunately for me, most of those things have to be scheduled around when I am feeling up to doing them, so even less time. Oh well, such is life. I finished some Project Linus quilts and turned them in--thankfully they collect them all year, as I had a flare-up and didn't get them finished on time. My latest project is my Easter dress. With all the Vogue patterns that we have up for sale, I found one in my size that looked easy to make, comfortable to wear and easy to get in and out of. I have it all cut out at this point and now have to find the time to sew.

I had been having a particularly bad week with no sleep and hubby went out one day on an errand and came home with a new quilting book for me and a bunch of spools of Robison-Anton thread in colors he didn't think I would buy for myself. He was right! He got me some really beautiful colors for machine embroidery, that I usually forget I need. I love pink, so I tend to always buy pink thread and then I never have the contrasting colors I need when embroidering a project.

I am waiting and waiting for some books to get here from Australia. They seem to have been waylaid. One is by Jenny Haskins son, Simon's Folly and the other is the Margen for Error book. I'm hoping they will get here soon so I can review them for you. The Simon's Folly book comes complete with a CD of embroidery designs. I ordered extra books, so they will be available for sale in our ebay store. I have also subscribed in bulk to Creative Expression magazine, so once they start coming, I will have extra issues of them also in the store.