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Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy Busy Busy!!!

I think I mentioned in my last post, that we were expecting a large influx of sewing patterns that we would be uploading to our store. Not only did we get about 2500 Simplicity, McCall's and New Look patterns, we had an opportunity to purchase about 2000 Vogue patterns! Needless to say, our little house is filled with boxes and boxes of patterns. Thankfully hubby has organized them, scanned most of them, and typed in many of the descriptions. As my health allows, I am adding them into our eBay store. We have also changed the name of our store to Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts Store as that better reflects what we currently sale and also aspire to sell.

Saturday we had an opportunity to go to an estate sale that was selling out a champion knitter's stash. When I walked into the house, I felt that I had met a soul mate. Shelves and shelves of knitting and crochet books, skeins and skeins of yarns, and boxs and boxs of back issues of craft magazines. Almost the same thing you would find if you peeked into my craft room with two difference: my books tend to focus on quilts and machine embroidery and my stash of stuff is not nearly as neat as hers was! Many of those knitting and crochet books will be available for you to purchase in our at Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts Store just as soon as I get them uploaded.

My personal find of the day was the first 60 isssues of Threads magazine. In my spare moments I have been looking through them and find I'm learning something from every issue. I have found the very act of listing sewing patterns for resale has taught me so much about pattern design and looking through these magazines will continue my learning. Now that I'm over 50, I have to keep my brain active or it starts turning into sludge!