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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sewing Patterns

It's been a while since I posted, but it has been a whacky and busy time the last few months. I spent most of December having arthritis flare-ups, one right after another and then hubby got sick for several weeks. It between all this we have been trying to build up inventory in our eBay store. We are pleased to announce the addition of around 600 new and uncut McCall's, Simplicity and Vogue sewing patterns with another 3000 on the way! Although not all of our patterns are flagged in the titles as being uncut new patterns, the majority of them are and we are constantly on the look out for more like them.

Many of the patterns we have just uploaded have been featured patterns in Sew News, Designs in Machine Embroidery, Creative Machine Embroidery, and Threads magazine. Due to the time involved with the listing, I couldn't list which magazine they appeared in. If you have been looking for a particular pattern, now is the time to go looking. Once you enter our eBay Store, there is a search box on the left hand side of the page. Enter the pattern number you are looking for there and if we have it, you will see the listings we have for it. Don't forget that we have a lot more patterns coming and we will be posting them as fast as we can, so put us in your favorites and check back often. We always combine shipping and handling if you want more than one pattern.

Before I got too sick, I did accomplish my Christmas goal of making a gift for my husband, two boys, and my new daughter-in-law to be. I haven't felt up to doing that in a long time and it was fun to see their faces Christmas morning as they opened their gifts.

My last project was making two rice bags that can be heated in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then I can hold them in my hands to help relieve the pain in them. They are a bit smaller than rice bags I have made before and are great for being able to get whichever hand joint is aching the most. I used some UFO quilt patches, put some batting and a backing piece behind and quilted them together, trying out different stitches from my sewing machine. Trimmed the pieces down to the right size and sewed them right sides together leaving an opening. I filled them with about a cup and a half of rice and then sewed the opening shut. I have found when making rice bags that having them padded with a bit of quilting makes them much more comfortable...And that's the whole point. If you weren't aware of it, rice bags are also good for cold packs. Just keep one in the freezer and pull it out when needed. They hold the cold for a long time and no drippy water or ice melt. Making a cold pack/rice bag in child friendly fabrics would ease those little ones injuries with a familiar 'BooBoo' bag.

I'm sure I have rambled on long enough for today. But I hope to be back more regularly again. I have some new books to review and a great new embroidery site to talk about. Stay tuned!