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Monday, March 24, 2008

Butterick Sewing Pattern 5173

An FYI for anyone that has purchased Butterick Sewing Pattern 5173 in the past little while. Apparently there was a major problem with the pattern itself and it has been recalled. Please visit for details of the recall. Our store Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts has never had this particular pattern in stock, so I don't know what the problem is. Just letting you know in case I can help one person keep from making a major mess of their sewing project.

Winter is rough for me. Arthritis loves this time of year but I don't. Even though it is now spring, as I type this snow is falling. I have been doing some sewing in 10-20 minute increments of time and am almost finished with a challis top. Compared to winter type fabrics, just trying the top on for fit felt like I was putting on a silk summer top it felt so cool and light-weight. When I finish this top, it will be the third one I have made since I started trying to follow the spirit of SWAP sewing even though I can't actually participate. I also have made 2 corduroy skirts from fabric that has been mellowing for a long time in my stash. I like the pattern I made them with so will be using it a lot. The best part was getting to make them 2 sizes smaller than the last time I made a skirt. That is always a happy day.

I managed to snag a couple Austalian Stitches magazines off of eBay and they were so much fun to read and look at. They have great articles and usually for more casual clothes which is what I need. I'll be looking for more of them as I can find them.