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Wanted a page where I can add helpful, educational websites and blogs that will increase our sewing experience. Listed in no particular order other than when I find them or have a chance to add them.

The first is Sew Janome which looks to be a Janome dealers site and has some information on the Horizon quilt binding set and also the border foot. Also they show some of their sewing projects. I always like seeing sewing projects as they inspire me and I hope they inspire you too!

Another great site is Sarah Ann Smith's blog. She is a great teacher, quilter and author and is a frequent presence on the Janome Horizon 7700 digest. In the past few months since I got my Horizon and have seen her posts on the digest, my respect for her has grown as someone with a large amount of knowledge and the ability to communicate clearly her message.

Found another interesting sewing blog called Janome Life . I love seeing what other people have to say about sewing and their helpful hints on using our machines to the fullest. I found this site through a link to her post on using the new Janome quilt binder and how she uses it to miter corners. Mitering corners is one of my downfalls, so maybe if I ever get the money for the quilt binder I can at least try to miter the corners as well.

Another great blog to see is One Designer's Journey. You will be amazed at her quilting.

Interested in learning more about sewing and seeing what someone has currently been doing with vintage patterns? Then you will want to visit Gertie's New Blog For Better Sewing!

Courtesy of the ladies on my Horizon 7700 Digest, a listing the different quilting sites that inspire them, a great long list that is being listed for all of us and then I can go back on days when I want check out new sites, I have a lot to go see! In other words, no blurbs, just the links that were working as of January 2011.

RaNae Merrill Quilt Design

Deb Karasik Fiber Artist and Teacher

Stitchin Fool Gallery

Pieces Be With You: Susan K Cleveland

Barbara Olson Fiber Artist and Teacher

Cheryl Rose Creations

The Quilt Show Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims

Gail Garber Designs

Marcia Stein Textile Art

Quiltville: Bonnie K Hunter

Delightful Piecing


 Bryerpatch Studio: Caryl Bryer Fallert Gallery of Art

Lura Schwarz Smith Textile Artist

Wow, just even going through these sites to attach the links here, I saw some amazing quilts. Enjoy!


Pinkadot Quilts See some fascinating quilts in bright, bold colors!

Sew Happy 2 Quilt  One of my friends blogs that also helps me with lots of embroidery sites to keep the list up to date. Thanks Else!


I'd been hearing about Leah Day and finally got a chance to visit her site The Free Motion Quilting Project . Lots of great Free Motion quilting info their including videos. If you want to learn about FMQ you can go here and not only read but see what to do.


Found another sewing, quilting machine embroidery site with tutorials and how-to videos at Sew Vac Outlet Blog . Always nice to see some new ideas and instructions on making a project. One quick project I saw was how to turn a onsie into a dress. Check it out!

A Fashionable Stitch is a terrific blog that I found by way of a Vogue Patterns Magazine. The author shows her own sewing projects plus has tutorials on how to do sewing projects.

The Academy of Fine Sewin & Design is Kathryn Brenne's site where you can see where she is holding courses, a bibliography of articles she has written for sewing magazines, etc. I am waiting for her book (when she decides to write one) as the articles she writes are very clear and well presented and I have learned a lot from them.

Vicki's Fabric Creations For lovers of machine embroidery, quilts and garments sewing. She has quilt alongs, tutorials and instructions for a lot of projects.

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