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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pillowcase Dress for Women

This past summer, our area had some truly funky weather. A very wet spring that moved into a fairly cool summer and then a week of heat that felt like we were in the desert. At that point I knew I needed another summer dress and I needed one that was easy to make. So I figured that since pillowcase dresses are easy to make for little girls, why not make one for this grown up girl? I pulled out some fabric that has been mellowing for over 20 years that I had bought in Antigua during a Doreen Speckman quilting cruise. I measured how long I wanted it from above the bust line to were it would hit on my legs. Added on enough to make a fairly wide casing at the top for 3/4" elastic as well as enough fabric for a 2" hem. Used my rotary cutter, ruler and mat to cut the piece. Sewed the casing and ran the elastic through it. Adjusted the elastic so it wasn't cutting off any vital circulation and yet wasn't so loose that I would have a wardrobe malfunction. Cut fabric for straps (made from wide fabric tubes) and then with a bra on tried to adjust the straps so that not only would they stay up, but would mostly cover my bra straps. I realize that it is the latest fashion apparently to have all your straps showing, but that isn't my style! Added some patch pockets to both sides and I was done. This actually took me several days to do all this, but actual sewing room time was probably only an hour and half at most. I just run out of steam sooner than I used to.

The nice thing was I actually had several short sleeve tops that coordinated with some of the bright colors in the dress that I can wear under the dress if I go into town so it works very well as a jumper. I'm hoping to make one out of somewhat heavier fabric for winter. It isn't that I don't have some really great sewing patterns that I could use (see my store), but my sewing time is so limited by my health needs that I need to make things faster and easier if possible. So if you need a sundress quick, this is a style to try, especially if you get last minute tickets to a Caribbean cruise this winter!