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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hexagons in the Hoop

Since making my BOM blocks that featured hexagons, I have been fascinated with them. Up to then they always looked to be just so much hard work. Then I made my first one and couldn't stop. Just ran into something a few minutes ago, that for those of you that would like the hexagon style but not the by hand work, here is a site that sells a make a hexagon in a hoop machine embroidery designs.


There are 15 components to the design, and several different pack components with different prices. Currently the whole pack is on sale for $23.95 until 1-24-14. They are also reversible. Looks very simple and lovely especially if you take the time to coordinate your colors and prints. The middle portion has different decorative designs while the outer petals have different line designs.

For those that would prefer to make hexagons the old fashioned way, check out my Pinterest board for Quilting -- Hexagons for some great ideas. Or you can check out one of these books on making hexagons that are on my Amazon wish list. If you have any of these books, which would you recommend? I especially am interest in making hexagons with embroidery in the middle. If you know of a good instruction book for that, PLEASE let me know!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a great New Year. This was a really simple Christmas for us. got to see my son Ron and his lovely wife Savannah (he won the jackpot with her!) and our other son Steve. Savannah made us a nice meal since I wasn't up to it. I've been having a rather rough time with a new med>bad reaction>get off new med on top of everything else. Then we opened our presents.

So glad for the internet as I was able to get most gifts on line and it looked like others did too. I feel like I made out like a bandit although probably not a lot by many people's standards but our family stays simple. I got three needlework books as gifts as well as was given a book on Ohio quilts. Steve who tapes Restaurant Impossible and brings it over to watch with us also gave me a cookbook by Robert Irwin. Hubby who has seen how I love the show Call the Midwife, gave me three Kindle books of the series. Other than a DVD, all I got for Christmas was BOOKS and more BOOKS! Yeah. They will keep me busy for at least a week or two. Two of the books are on the history of embroidery (hand) in the 18th and also the 19th centuries. Lots of pictures so you can really follow along with the exquisite work shown, read and learn to improve your own embroidery.

The really big news I'm hoping for those that read my blogs is that we have been able to get whole house WiFi so hubby and I don't have to take turns with the one computer connected to the satellite, now the laptop is as well so I have more time to write and post blog entries much more frequently than in the past. I've been spending this past year trying to improve my quilting/piecing techniques by following a Block of the Month class on Craftys. I haven't quite finished my blocks and still have three to go. I'm 'cheating' on my second Drunkards Path block as I hated the regular technique. If it works out, I will post instructions and pictures here.

Anyone else get some amazing needlework books that they want to recommend? Let me know so I can get it on my wishlist!