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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals - Threads

Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals - Threads  Need a bit of a refresher course in staystitching? Here is one. I'm always tempted to skip this part but know not to. It did take me a long time to learn that for curved necklines, to only staystitch from one neckline down to the base of the curves, stop, and then go to the opposite neckline and sew down to meet the prior staystitching as doing it in one operation can cause the curve to straighten out. Look at the direction of the arrows on your instruction page for the pattern. Same thing when actually sewing the neckline or adding a collar on. I added a lace collar to a dress once and couldn't figure out why one side didn't look as good as the other--because I did it all in one seam instead of 2 parts. Taking that extra minute or two does wonders for the look and hang of your garments.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

One of the things that I like most about Pinterest is that we are literally bookmarking items that we might want to see and study later. So last night I clicked on my Hand Embroidery board on my Pinterest page. Earlier I had pinned a Chicken Scratch embroidery picture and since it was a bit different than I had ever seen before, it was this picture that I wanted to follow and learn more about this newer concept.

I have done chicken scratch embroidery in the past, but was very happily surprised at other's genius with changing what they were doing, whether with the design itself or the colors and weights of threads or a combination of all. When clicking on the photo, it took me to PinTangle where there were lots of new and different combinations for doing chicken scratch, and also lots of links to see what others are doing. And of course, the embroiders are doing more than chicken scratch so you get lots of ideas on other types of embroidery as well. PinTangle had bunches of other links to other embroiders and by the time an hour was up, I had barely 'scratched' the surface of all the information that was there on the different pages. The great thing is, with just that one photo that I have posted for all to see and be inspired, I also have all that is needed to find more information about the latest in chicken scratch embroidery. As needle workers, we have no reason to ever be without an idea of something to make, since if we can't bring up a creative thought on our own, thousands of others that have come before have done so!

One of the nicest things about embroidery is that at the most basic, it is an inexpensive way to create something beautiful and to embellish clothing or other projects. My re-interest in chicken scratch was brought out by a tiny little booklet that I got for a dime at the thrift store that had chicken scratch as well as ways to use rick rack with embroidery floss in ways I had never seen before. On one of the links, I found several samples of rick rack in combination with chicken scratch and it was amazing how lovely the designed looked and how inexpensive it was to accomplish, assuming you live near a great thrift store that I have bought lots of rick rack from.

Checking to see what books Amazon might have on the topic, I only found a couple as well as some design booklets. This first one I put on my wish list as it looks like something I would like to study.