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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals - Threads

Sew Better with Staystitching Fundamentals - Threads  Need a bit of a refresher course in staystitching? Here is one. I'm always tempted to skip this part but know not to. It did take me a long time to learn that for curved necklines, to only staystitch from one neckline down to the base of the curves, stop, and then go to the opposite neckline and sew down to meet the prior staystitching as doing it in one operation can cause the curve to straighten out. Look at the direction of the arrows on your instruction page for the pattern. Same thing when actually sewing the neckline or adding a collar on. I added a lace collar to a dress once and couldn't figure out why one side didn't look as good as the other--because I did it all in one seam instead of 2 parts. Taking that extra minute or two does wonders for the look and hang of your garments.

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