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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Maternity Patterns

Back in the early 1980's when I was pregnant with my two boys, I made all my own maternity clothes. Little did I know then that I would be selling sewing patterns on line 30 years later. Who had ever heard of a personal computer or the Internet? Those were things of science fiction. Several weeks ago I bought some maternity patterns to resell at our store. What a trip down memory lane!

The above pattern, Simplicity Pattern 8606 was one of the patterns I tried to make. Actually I had it almost done. I had made and installed the Peter Pan collar and had trimmed it with lace and was just about done. I had to get up from my sewing for a minute or two. When I came back I found a huge hole in the tummy part from my toddler practicing his scissor cutting! I could have cried as I had no idea how to fix the mess. Strange thing is, I don't think I ever saw Ron with scissors in his hands since. Crafting things didn't interest him.

This pattern, Simplicity Pattern 8381, was my absolute favorite top. I combined the sleeves on the dress with the length of the top. The sleeves had a hem detailing that I had always wanted to try again, so I'm going to take a peak at the instructions before it goes to it's new home. As I got near the final days of my second pregnancy, I had grown out of most of my maternity clothes as babies over 10# can do that to you! So I whipped up a maternity dress like the one pictured. After the baby was born and I was up to going to church for the first time after having the baby, I realized that none of my clothes fit yet so without thinking I popped the dress over my head and was on my way. All was well until the baby started making hungry sounds and I realized my mistake. There was no way to nurse the baby with this dress on and taking your dress off at church is generally frowned on!

Life moved on and my babies are grown up now. One is getting married next Saturday with his younger brother as his best-man. I don't know if other moms get nostalgic when their children are getting married, but I sure have especially when I was faced with memories of the very clothes I wore and made while carrying them.

If you need to make some memories, we have a great selection of maternity patterns in our store plus over 7500 other sizes and styles of patterns.

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