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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sew Your Own Hoodie!

Happy National Sewing Month!

It is always great when you can plan a project right from the beginning in the correct size, colors and embellishments. Here is a great idea for sewing for fall. Make your own hoodie. You can buy a pattern here at our store. Then pop on over to Embroidery Library and pick out the machine embroidery design that you would like to put on the front of your hoodie. They have just come out this week with a whole lot of new designs specifically for hoodies. By the way. I don't get a single nickel for promoting Embroidery Library, but as they are so generous with freebies, I try to do my part on paying it back or forward however you think of it. Many of the designs that I have used over the years for my own projects have come from them. Sign up to receive regular emails from them and you will get free birthday presents, notifications of their monthly freebies, and occasional 'just because' freebies. They are a great company with great designs that sew out well.


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