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Friday, April 26, 2013

My kind of paint box!

I did a project about a month ago that rewarded me with a very large gift certificate. Let's just say I was in my glory. I have been going through my wish list, checking out the latest needlework books and magazines and also threads that now carries. They have come a long way from just being a media/book store.

I was very happy to find this set of DMC Stitcher's Palette Color Variations - 36 different embroidery floss colors. I had run into these types of floss before at Michael's but couldn't afford at the time to buy more than a few. I was very happy to find them for sale on

The picture of these threads doesn't even begin to do them justice. They are gorgeous. They contain the colors of a wonderful Lake Erie sunset, the color of sand on the beach, flowers and water, trees and sky. I am of two mindsets. I can hardly wait to use them. Or I don't want to use them but just look at them as they are so pretty! Whichever I choose, I know I will have them for awhile as my hand embroidery has to relegated to small segments of time currently as my hands have been hurting a lot lately.

While my box of floss came sealed, it was missing one instruction/graph booklet. It also had a pack of needles and a piece of mottled sand colored fabric to sew on. I had been so excited about finding the floss that I didn't even pay attention to the other parts of the set.

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