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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sewing Patterns Simplicity 9207 Christmas

One of the joys of having a pattern store is finding 'old' friends in more ways than one. 41 years ago I moved away from California as a teenager and left a boyfriend behind that I have never seen again. However I did run into him on line and both my husband and I enjoy corresponding with him via email. He has been selling all sorts of things on line over the years and his advice is what helped us get started selling on line. He came upon a large batch of sewing patterns that he thought he could resell until I talked him out of it and bought them from him. Going through the boxes of patterns from this old friend, I found patterns that I considered old friends as well. Patterns I have made over the years, or patterns I had planned to make and never quite got that far. We have all done that haven't we? This Christmas pattern, Simplicity 9207 was one of the patterns I received and it brought back many memories of Christmas long ago as I made the Christmas tree skirt, and it has been used every Christmas for over 30 years now. Do you have any favorite patterns? We would love to see them and hear your stories.

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