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Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Machine Embroidery Freebies

Just in case you may have missed it, Embroidery Library is offering some great winter freebies up through January 22, 2012. Two of the designs available need bigger hoops as one has a measurement of over 8" on one side and the other has one over 9" on one side and is designed for an endless hoop, but for those with smaller sew out ability they have split the design for you. Embroidery Library, if you have told them your preferred format and maximum size of your hoops, will remind you if designs are too big for your machine when they are placed in your shopping cart. I download all the sizes anyhow, as maybe someday, some nice person will give me a machine that can use those large designs. LOL! Downloading all the smaller sizes helps you from having to decrease or increase the sizes of your designs as much to get them to fit a certain area and that keeps your stitch count and sew out looking better. I just love the generosity of this company! And what terrific designs besides.

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