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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Machine Embroidery Freebies

Embroidery Library has come out with some great designs just in time for the 4th of July that you can pick up for free through June 30th. You can also download June and July's free designs if you have not downloaded June's yet, this is your last chance. Our printer had run out of ink and I was waiting till I could print out the color chart in color to download them. All told and with the two sizes available for each design, I downloaded 12 new designs a few minutes ago. I just love this company for their generosity and their great designs. I've never had a bit of trouble with a single one. Visit Embroidery Library to stock up your designs.

Just thinking about the 12 designs I just got, I remember when the first home embroidery machines came out. The designs where incredibly tiny and a disc with designs on ran around $100! Free designs were not something that anyone ever imagined, but of the great things we managed to do with those machines, but I still like my Janome 300e.

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