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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finished At Last!

Well actually almost finished but I now know what we owe on our taxes. The scourge of being self-employed is the bloodletting at the beginning of the year. Very hard to truly estimate how bad the blood bath will be. Well we owe so off to work we go!

The bad thing between working on taxes and the flare-ups I keep having due to our constantly changing weather, I have barely gotten near my sewing room, or my embroidery cart. Now that I don't have the pressure of spending 'free' time working on taxes, perhaps I can get some sewing done and clean up the mess in the sewing room. Perhaps I might get caught up with laundry and the dishes too?!?! Probably not to the last one.

I had been hoping to be able to post more off of my laptop when we got the WiFi, but our internet explorer wouldn't let me into blogger to write up the posts. I tried to upgrade as the little message boxes told me to, but when I did, they said this computer couldn't be upgrades. Wonder why as it isn't THAT old? Well I had to have hubby install Google chrome and I can once again post from my nest upstairs, so I hope that means more blog posts.

Tonight was a night to relax after working for hours on those taxes and one of the things I did was go to one of my favorite Pinterest boards, Hand Embroidery, and studied the samples of stitches and projects taking my time to really look at them and absorb the work. When I'm pinning things, I usually am going fast and will pin whatever catches my eye. Later taking my time, I'm glad for what I pinned. I know I pin a lot onto all my boards, but that is for me how Pinterest should be working, as file cabinets to hold all our ideas. I've seen some ladies mention that they try to not pin too many things so their followers don't get overwhelmed. I'm posting first and foremost for myself as a way to capture great ideas after years of seeing neat things and unless you owned the book or magazine that you see them in, they are lost to you forever. Now that no longer holds true.

Would love to hear how you folks use Pinterest and what is your favorite board that you especially like of all of your boards. If I'm not already following you, I would love your Pinterest url so I can see what you are posting.

Definitely time for bed!

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