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Friday, March 25, 2016

Free Machine Embroidery Designs

Yet again we are happy to tell you about some Free Machine Embroidery Designs that Embroidery Library is giving away this week-end through March 28, 2016. They are three lovely wreath designs and in 5 sizes each, for a total of 5 designs. They also have some new, beautiful spring designs with lots of flowers. Even though we have had a fairly mild winter as winters go, I'm ready to see my daffodils blossom. I've already seen some crocuses in bloom as well as three robins, so as far as I'm concerned spring is definitely here. It was even 73 degrees in town yesterday! We won't talk about the fact that it is currently 32 degrees.

So go to Embroidery Library and get your free designs now and if you haven't picked up your free monthly ones, be sure to do it now.

In other news our local library, McCord Memorial Library had their semi-annual book sale. I hit the jackpot as far as I was concerned and was very glad that my younger son was their to help tote my purchases out. I found stacks of quilting, sewing, and knitting magazines plus quilting books. I paid $29 for what was at least $500+ retail value. On Saturday, which was bag day ($1 per bag of books) I found even more. Yesterday I had to stop into the library to find something and found 12 more magazines for 25 cents a piece. Some might wonder why I needed to buy these as I have plenty of books and quilting magazines already, but I love keeping my brain active and on days when I'm in really bad pain, I can't focus in on reading a regular book, but looking through magazines actually helps get my mind off the pain.

Since I'm slowly changing my focus of what I do in my sewing room to smaller projects that are more easily accomplished, I put a Post-it(R) note on articles that have quilts that would be perfect for Project Linus quilts or making something special for charity fund raisers as I'm able. And I still note any quilt in my colors in a design I like as they speak to me. I know most of the things I will never do, but it is nice to make them in my head. Here is a peek at SOME of what I got. To make things even better I got my latest issue of Stitch magazines, all the way from the UK, with some great but easy looking hand embroidery designs.

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