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Monday, June 19, 2017

Thrift Store Score!!!

I have seen projects using these threads for years as well as advertisements to buy Watercolour by Caron threads for embroidery and needlepoint. At their high price, I never thought I would be able to afford one or a couple skeins for a project, especially since I would have had to order them by mail so tack on a shipping cost to the price. I have never seen these for sale anywhere in my area, but then I don't know all the smaller sewing shops in my county. When I saw a great big bag with these plus some other items stuffed into I couldn't believe my eyes, so I just snapped them up! In total, 114 skeins, 49 different colors, although two of the colors with same thread color name, came from two different dye lots and were two different colors. I pulled one of each color for myself, and as soon as I have time will be listing the rest of them for sale, by color.

In the big bag were also 30+ of these cards of Ultra-Suede or Super Suede. I had never even heard of them before or recall seeing them advertised, so I'm not really sure how they should be used. They do seem to be rather delicate strands. As they don't particularly trip my trigger, they will all be going up for sale. If any of my readers know what these should be sued for, please comment and let us all know. A source for designs using them would be very appreciated.
I found these goodies at the beginning of my day of thrift store rounds with Steve, and I got some other terrific items as well. All in all a great day!

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