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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally Finished, well almost!

After a year of work when I was able, in between two knees surgeries and multiple arthritis flare-ups, I am happy to say that I am done with Ron and Savannah's wedding/Christmas quilt! I just have to sew on the label although they got in for the holidays last night and got to sleep under it already. I'm so happy to have it done and I think it turned out well with lots of bright colors that will go with just about any color scheme except a subdued one. There is a quilting tradition that some quilters insert a humility block into their quilts since no one but God is perfect. Well, that is not a problem I have. Lots of technical oops in this quilt, but it was made with lots of love for a lovely couple.

This quilt was made with over 1000 individually cut 2 1/2" squares and the border was supposed to have about that many and they were actually cut, but by the time I got to the border, I realized that a pieced border wouldn't work. This was a quilt as you go quilt, using ideas from Sharon Pederson's books (hope I got her name correct) although it isn't a reversible quilt. Even so, for a big queen sized quilt, that is a lot of bulk to be handling! It was made on my Janome 7700 and 9000. Now onto other projects, only I think I want to go with smaller projects for a while.


Malini said...

Gail, your quilt looks absolutely stunning. Awesome job!

Yeah small projects are sometimes fun. I'am thinking of moving in that direct myself :-)

Moonwishes said...

Thank you! Since my daughter in law designed the basics of the quilt and then I had to interpret it into fabric, I was nervous that in the end it wouldn't be what she had wanted. I really loved it too when finished.

Texastam said...

First, let me commend you on piecing over 1000 squares....that is so impressive!

Second, I love all the colors!!!


Moonwishes said...

Thanks Texas!