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Friday, December 16, 2011

Quilting Arts 10th Anniversary Postcard Quilts

Years ago I made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish during my life. I don't know what happened to the list, but I do remember one of the items. I wanted to have a quilt of mine on the front cover of a quilting magazine. Haven't achieved that yet, but when Quilting Arts was celebrating their 10th year anniversary, they put out a request for tiny postcard sized quilts featuring the number ten. I decided that not only did I want to feature the number 10 for them, I wanted to feature my 40 some years of quilting, sewing and embroidery so I made this little quilt. Today while checking out the Quilting Arts website, I discovered that they had posted my quilt! You can see it here.
In such a small project, it was difficult to show everything, but two of the fabrics were from my first two dresses that I made for myself that I then used for scraps in my first quilt. Hard to believe that I still had some of those scraps after all this time. Other fabrics were from other quilting projects. One was a piece of batik that I picked up on a cruise with Doreen Speckmann years ago. Many significant bits and pieces.

Well I haven't had a quilt on the front cover yet, but one has been published. I haven't written a lengthy article on sewing to be published,but have had many letters to the editor published. I feel that these are all small steps towards achieving my goals and someday hopefully I will get there. If I don't, at least it wasn't because I haven't been trying!

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