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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day & Project Linus

Just realized last night that Project Linus blanket day is this coming Saturday the 18th. Although they take quilts throughout the year, I try to have one ready by the blanket day as a prompt and deadline for me. At this point I only have 10 blocks made and need 25 total, plus finishing the quilt. I'll see how it goes. I haven't missed turning in a blanket for years, but this past year was rough with two surgeries and the new year hasn't started out so well either with almost non-stop pain from not only the RA but tendonitis. You would think that if you are already in chronic pain for one thing, you wouldn't have to get another source of pain too wouldn't you? It has sure slowed down my sewing plans. I'm going to give it a try to get the Project Linus quilt finished though, as it is simple quick blocks.

Also a reminder that lately several of the embroidery sites that I signed up for have been giving away free embroidery designs for Valentine's Day. So if you get newsletters in the mail, be sure to open them to see if you got a goodie! I think in the last couple days I got 5-6 free designs. Valentine's Day is now rather special for me as it is also my wedding anniversary. This year will be our tenth one and I'm so glad I have a hubby that not only loves me but works hard to help ease my physical pain and has stuck by me all these years of chronic illness! He is a wonderful guy.


KarieAnn said...

Congratulations on your anniversary--that's wonderful! 10 years is good. :-)

Our guild does comfort quilts, which I keep saying I'm going to make something for, but it hasn't happened yet. I've been cutting leftover flannel into strips for log cabins--so maybe soon. But I've had baby quilts to do in the meantime--and then I realized that if I'm going to make comfort quilts for strangers, then maybe I could/should make them for elderly people at church when they go into a nursing home. It might be nice to ease the transition, at least a little bit. I also want to make a/some quilt(s) for Quilts of Valour, but that isn't started yet either. So good luck to you, and I hope your health holds out! :-)


Moonwishes said...

Thanks Karen for the anniversary wishes!

I don't think it is so important where we donate to but that we give back something to the world around us. My children are raised and no grandchildren yet, so I like to do things for children in need. I also had fun making some Little Dreses for Africa and hope to get some more made. It was fun finally having an excuse to make something for a girl!

KarieAnn said...

My husband's son and his wife have a 3 mo. baby girl, and I am pretty darn excited about making things for her! But I've also been making baby quilts for all the new babies at church, which is a couple a year, or at least lately (lots of elderly people though!). But yeah, I do feel that the whole point of life is taking care of other people (while making sure that you take good care of yourself along the way too...). Did you manage to get some sewing done this weekend?


Moonwishes said...

Couldn't sleep much this weekend so was too drowsy and didn't get any machine sewing done, but did manage to practice some hand embroidery stitches. I'm so glad that there are lots of places that will take our projects and use them for good causes, since after a while, how many quilts, etc. do family members want? I do think I need to try making some pillowcases for us as ours are wearing out at an alarming rate and I have plenty of fabric why buy it premade at the store in colors that don't match the bedroom?