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Monday, February 27, 2012

Worldwide Mchine Embroidery Designs

The hobby of machine embroidery is definitely a worldwide hobby. My on-line friend Else from the Netherlands, has been scouting new design pages for me and they are listed on our Embroidery Designs page. One is in Italian and one in Dutch.

I'm so glad for these emails from Else especially when having a bit of a rough day. Last night I went to sit down in my sewing chair and one of the 5 legs (which are supposed to increase safety) broke out from under me throwing me onto the floor. My left leg rammed into my thread, hoops and stabilizer cart and ended up knocking it on top of me with my right leg stuck under the cutting table. Thankfully I managed to get the thread stand back up without losing everything onto the floor and then the big project was getting me back up. With fake knees and sore, weak joints all over, this was a major project requiring the help of hubby and a step ladder. The good news was I had finished my sewing project and was just putting stuff away.

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