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Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Machine Embroidery Designs - Christmas

Since they opened their business, Embroidery Library has been my absolute favorite machine embroidery design site. Not only do they give bountiful free embroidery designs monthly, but I know when I buy a design or use one of the free design it will sew out perfectly. They also have a color match page where you can tell them which threads you have and they will tell you what color threads to subsitute for the Madeira threads that they use in their deisgns. this is great for when the color is 'honeysuckle'--what does that mean? They also publish many of their designs in multiple sizes so you don't normally have to take a 2 inch square design and try to increase it's size to 6 inchs in your software. If you haven't signed up for their weekly news flash of latest designs and latest freebies, you should now so that if they do the Christmas Club as they usually do each year you can take advantage of it. Club members get lots of Free Christmas designs, generally all coordinated, but you also earn points towards more designs.

Yesterday they came out with three Christmas designs that are only free this weekend, through August 24, 2014. There are three designs and all come in 5 different sizes. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but I take advantage of downloading all sizes even if my embroidery machine can't accomodate them since I never know when Santa might bring me a Janome 12000 which could take all sizes. Hmm, maybe I could just save my Amazon reward points for the next 1000 years and then I could buy the machine myself. Anyhow, the point being, just because you don't have the capacity NOW for sewing out all the different sizes, download them just in case next year you  or the year after you move up to that bigger capacity machine.


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